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Munazza Qasim, an Abstract Impressionist based in Vancouver, Canada, brings nearly two decades of experience in Communication Arts to her work. Her art delves into the depths of the human experience, seeking to express the dynamic interplay between the tangible world and the realms of thoughts, emotions, and dreams.

She is particularly drawn to vibrant colors, which she believes convey a charismatic appeal and offer eloquent expression in her pieces. By exploring various perspectives and utilizing diverse tonal depths, she adds a profound richness and complexity to her visual narratives. Through her work, Munazza invites viewers to explore the intricate layers of human perception and emotion.

About Munazza Qasim
After graduating from Karachi School of Arts in 1999 with a degree in Visual Arts & Graphic Design, she worked in the Advertising Industry for most of her career – during which she ventured into painting, ceramics, and fashion accessories, including jewelry design, leather handbags & clothing.


“A constant urge exists through time to experience something different in life. Through a distinct perspective, I discover magnificence in the most unassuming moments and revel in the profound process of translating ordinary visuals into extraordinary creative expressions.

I believe that every visual we encounter holds meaning, whether it’s the walls we see, the wires on poles, or the weathered metal of buildings. Even letters, hieroglyphics, and asemic writing fascinate me and spark my creativity. My art is a reflection of my imagination, insights, and the stories I want to tell through layers and shapes.

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